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Theme Lead Agencies: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Theme Leads: Ashley Chappell (NOAA), Diane Eldridge (USGS)



Committees and Work Groups

Geospatial Standards

Elevation Theme Definition: The measured vertical position of the earth surface and other landscape or bathymetric features relative to a reference datum typically related to sea level. These points normally describe bare earth positions but may also describe the top surface of buildings and other objects, vegetation structure, or submerged objects. Elevation data can be stored as a three-dimensional array or as a continuous surface such as a raster, triangulated irregular network, or contours. Elevation data may also be represented in other derivative forms such as slope, aspect, ridge and drainage lines, and shaded relief.

FGDC Federal Geodetic Control Subcommittee

Alaska Mapping Executive Committee

3DEP Working Group

Content Standard for Framework Land Elevation Data

Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards, Part 5

Standards for Nautical Charting Hydrographic Surveys (2005)

NGDA Elevation Theme Community

NGDA Elevation Theme Community

Community Type: A-16
Sponsor: FGDC
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