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Federal Lands Workgroup
USGS BLM Bureau of Reclamation BOEM U.S. Census Bureau NPS Forest Service FWS DOD

Geospatial and realty professionals from land management (USFS, BLM, NPS, FWS, BOEM, BIA, USBR, NRCS and DoD) and other federal agencies (USGS, Census, NWCG)are working to integrate land ownership and management boundaries to fulfill common agency needs.

Formed in October 2011, the FGDC Federal Lands Workgroup is a subgroup of the National Boundaries Group (NBG), focused on the development and annual publication of a cadastral geodatabase of aggregated federal lands.


  • Automate the translation of authoritative source data into the PAD-US format
  • Contribute to the next PAD-US update, published by USGS
  • Assess and improve inventory completeness
  • Assess and improve the compatibility of core attributes between agency datasets
  • Identify and correct major boundary overlaps to produce a 'flat' ownership file
  • Share FLWG goals and accomplishments through outreach


  • New data - federal areas update for PAD-US 2.0 completed and in review!
    Automated updates - USFS, NPS and FWS automated the translation of agency data into PAD-US format
  • We've been busy!  Here are the Top 10 Updates!
  • January 2017 Activity Summary
  • Published aggregated fed lands ownership and management designations in PAD-US 1.4. Available now!
  • Developed a tool to harness review comments regarding fed lands data
  • Documented source data translation into PAD-US schema and needs to increase efficiency
  • Significantly reduced boundary overlap errors between agency datasets, identified new priorities
  • Improved “Agency Name” standard in cooperation with BLM and USGS Board of Geographic Names
  • Maintain monthly calls and primary contacts from each federal land management agency

For access to the internal community page please log-in to GeoPlatform and then click on this link.


Upcoming Webinar meetings:

  •  November 8th 3-4pm EST
  •  December 13th 3-4pm EST
  •  January 10th 3-4pm EST


For a meeting invite or more information:

Contact Lisa Johnson at

   Meeting Call Notes:

   January 2017; February 2017; March 2017; April 2017; May 2017; June 2017;                                               

    July 2017; August 2017; September 2017





 PADUS DOI Presentation, January 9, 2017

 DOI Seminary Flyer 2017


PAD-US Action Plan

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