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The Geospatial Platform Releases New Data Viewer to Support EcoINFORMA and the Climate Data Initiative


Your taxpayer investment in environmental data just got a lot more valuable. Now instead of being used just once, the data can be re-used and mixed and matched in new and different ways to build an app and start a business, do new scientific investigations, or just satisfy your own curiosity.  The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology which includes top scientists and executives, recommended a strategy to make Federal environmental data more available and useful.  And Federal agencies from across the government are implementing it.  It's called EcoINFORMA and it means that you can find data (Ecosystems.Data.Gov), and you can explore different thematic areas in depth using our new data viewer, now available here.  Using the viewer, you can mashup data from a number of rich “data hubs” including:


  • Biodiversity data from Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (
  • Ecosystem Services from the EnviroAtlas (
  • Land Cover and Land Use Change from the Multi-Resolution Land Cover Characteristics Consortium (


It’s all there and this is just the beginning.