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The World-Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD) Working Group: Discovering Human Geography data to assist in Human Security.

The World-Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD) Working Group as a whole is designed to build global voluntary partnerships around human geography data and mapping. We are focused on the general principle of making appropriate information available at the appropriate scale to promote the spatial analyses of human security issues including conflict and disaster mitigation, population and demographic issues, environmental and natural resource sustainability, land use and water rights issues, among others.  The group’s objectives are:

  • Build voluntary partnerships/“community of the interested” across Human Geography data and mapping communities with the goal of promoting Human Security Issues.
  • Document Human Geography data requirements, priorities, and gaps.
  • Discover & Catalog Human Geography data sources and mapping efforts.
  • Facilitate sharing among Human Geography data and mapping communities.
  • Promote methodologies and best practices to build data sets at scales appropriate to end-users.

Members of the WWHGD Working Group represent U.S. Federal and State agencies, Civil Agencies from other nations, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academia and the private sector.

The discovery of data sources occurs through regionally-focused webinars on relevant topic areas.  These new data sources are catalogued and featured on  To learn more about the WWHGD Working Group please visit  Send questions and comments to