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View Federal Agency, and other Stakeholder 3DEP Areas of Interest 

Click here to learn how to propose an area of interest

The 3D Elevation Program and the Interagency Working Group on Ocean and Coastal Mapping have established a system to share information about areas of interest, proposed and planned elevation projects.  Planned and potential Federal projects as well as State and Local areas of interest are available at the NOAA sponsored Seasketch site: U.S. Federal Mapping Coordination, A Collaboration Site for Federal and Partner Mapping Data Acquisition . All Federal agency and stakeholder areas of interest will be made available for viewing through this site to enable comparison and facilitate discussion with other 3DEP stakeholders.

This mapping site is comprehensive, showing areas of interest, proposed, planned, in-work, and completed elevation and related projects.

 Viewing Instructions

Screenshot of the Seasketch Tool 

To view Federal Agency areas of interest and public areas of interest for 3DEP, expand the options under “Topographic Lidar Areas of Interest”. To simplify the view make sure that the boxes for the other categories are all cleared. You can view the 3DEP areas of interest along with existing lidar coverage by checking the boxes under “Existing Data”. Checked boxes appear darker. Unchecked boxes appear lighter. To expand a category, click on the small arrow to the left of the box. (Image of Arrow to Click on to expand a category)

Basic tutorials on how to use the SeaSketch system are available here: