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Publisher Overview

Welcome to the Geoplatform Publisher Information Center.

This area is intended to serve as the primary location for all data publishing related materials on the Geoplatform. Here, you will be able to find a variety of resources on how to prepare geospatial datasets for publishing, guides on how to register and manage existing datasets, and step by step instructions on how to share data within Geoplatform communities.


Publishing Your Data

Publishing your data or service on the data catalog can be completed in a few simple steps. But, prior to registering your data or service, there are a few preliminary pre-registration actions that should be performed before initiating the publication process.

Ensuring that metadata for data and services are complete, accurate, and compliant with metadata standards prior to registering is essential. Data publishers should consult the “Metadata Best Practices” resource to ensure that metadata meets the publication criteria for the catalog.

Once metadata is ready for publication, data publishers should create a publisher account with if they don’t already have one. Once the account is approved, publishers should consult the “How to Register Data” resource to guide them through the publication process

Register, Publish, Manage

A maginifier image represents exploring pageLooking to join and participate in a community on the GeoPlatform? Are you a organization looking to publish additional datasets or update existing datasets on the catalog? Click here to register as a user or publisher.  

Already a publisher?

Click here to access and edit your current data on the catalog or publish additional data from your organization.


Metadata Standards

Since the mid-1990s, the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) has been the United States standard by which to document geospatial metadata. But, as the amount of geospatial data continues to increase, International metadata standards are emerging in the geospatial community. The FGDC has an endorsed a number of ISO Metadata Standards in an effort to encourage the transition to ISO metadata standards by Federal agencies over the next few years.

Metadata Tools

There are a wide variety of metadata tools available to support the development and management of geospatial metadata. Before choosing a metadata tool, you may want to consider these evaluation questions to help determine the best metadata tool for you. Once you've determined your metadata tool needs, take a look at these available metadata tools for creating and editing geospatial metadata as well as additional tools for validating metadata for compliance with the CSDGM standard.