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The World-Wide Human Geography Data Working Group (WWHGD WG) is designed to build voluntary partnerships around human geography data and mapping focused on the general principle of making appropriate information available to promote human security.

To become a member of the WWHGD Working Group, go to and create an account. 

WWHGD Community

The WWHGD Community on the GeoPlatform provides for discoverability and access to featured datasets contributed by the WWHGD Community. For all information, including webinar registration, please log-in to or become a member today by creating a new account.

Human Security Taxonomy

NGA Data Portal


Geospatial Platform Workshop

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The HST was compiled with disaster response experts from around the world. It contains an ordered list of the critical human geography information responders need to accelerate the rescue of survivors while restarting critical social needs for human security.

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Clicking on the arrow below will take you to the NGA data portal, via ArcGIS, where they have data on Ebola, the Nepal Earthquake, Arctic area, Wildlife Trafficking Data, and, most recently, Hurricane Matthew data.

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The purpose of this workshop is to present the implementation of the Geospatial Platform (GeoPlatform) and share the functional capabilities to the community of data stewards who produce and use governmental, academic, private, and public data to inform national and regional issues.

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World-Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD) Working Group

World-Wide Human Geography Data (WWHGD) Working Group

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